Saturday, September 13, 2014

45 things about Nina

I'll stop whenever I feel like it, okay. HEHE.

1. My name is Nur Amanina Bte Mohd Rasol.

2. My moon sign is Taurus.

3. I'm really tall for a girl. I'm like 170 cm.

4. My first dream job was to be a bus driver. HAHA. That was just coz my grandfather was working as a bus driver at that time okay. I don't even know why.

5. I'm an ambivert. Likeeeeee 51% introvert and 48% extrovert.

6. I get defensive really fast if you push the wrong buttons.

7. I've been told I'm intimidating and fierce.. I can't say I'm not so..

8. I get angry but it blows away really fast.

9. I don't know what my anger limit is.

10. Apparently my tolerance level has increased by a lot.

11. I'm sensitive with skinship and am quite reserved with it.

12. I'm not a very affectionate person. I feel that they should only be said and done when meant genuinely.

13. I'm an awkward person. No kidding.

14. I have a very old soul. Seriously. I guess it's due to the fact that I ponder over things quite often, so I often come out with my own rationale about life. Yes, I think about life a lot lol.

15. I've been singing since 2008 but I don't think I'm very good in it.

16. I've dreamt of being a singer but.. refer to 15. Lately I've been dreaming of being an idol manager though. It's tough, but it's fun too. We all need some challenges in life eh? Since I can't be a singer myself, I'll be able to watch people accomplish what I couldn't do :)

17. I want to study in Korea.
I don't know why I'm explaining myself but here's to anyone who's willing to read on. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just because of kpop. That's just a plus. I've always been interested in the entertainment industry since I was young. Yes I did try to apply for an Arts Business course but I didn't get in okay.
Why Korea and not others (I mean, Hollywood exists too)?
a) Korean's entertainment industry is currently very happening, what with the increasing popularity of kpop groups. Very much unlike Singapore. Let's face it, even local talents (like the really talented ones) hardly get recognised. It's a very small industry here.
b) Korea follows the Asian oriental culture. Though more rigid than Singapore in terms of traditional beliefs, it would be easier to adapt to. (Hey I didn't study cultural intelligence for nothing.)
c) Even if we're not talking about the entertainment scene, the arts scene there is pretty good too. Considering that they really appreciate classical music and also the visual arts. As there are people who appreciate such arts, there will be a market to cater to. In Singapore, yes such things are appreciated but honestly, it's not very supported.

OTL I CAN START A DEBATE ON THIS. Okay who am I kidding though. This is just my opinion. I hope I didn't offend anyone!

18. My all-time favourite movie and book is A Walk To Remember. HANDS DOWN.

20. I seem strong but I'm really not.

21. I cry really easily actually. I can cry over a sad movie, story or even song (if I'm really in the mood).

22. I think I suffer from insomnia currently. And it sucks.

23. I recognise people through their voices. I find it fun. For eg, if the singer is a big group (SNSD, Super Junior, EXO and lately BTS), I'd listen to the song and start recognising people. HEHE. When new songs come out I'd be like: OH THIS IS ____ and THIS IS _____ AHA that kinda thing you know.

24. And I think I have pitch memory. THINK ONLY.

25.I believe that I have an affinity with the moon. I was born in a dual lunar 8th month. So it was around Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) or as the Chinese would call it: Mid autumn festival.

25. I like to daydream A LOT. Mr Cheak once told my parents that he's always catch me staring in front, but my eyes were never focused on him HAHAHAHA. I'd also often look out of the window (I had the window seat).

26. I've been told that I look very arrogant. I don't know if I really am though. I can't be the judge of that. Ask my friends hahaha.

27. I have a soft spot for ballads.

28. I used to have a noisy personality but I've became more quiet these few years.

29. According to Suhailah I'm very hard to read as a person.

30. I have a weakness for guys who can sing, have bangs and geek specs.

31. Because this is my blog I think I can reveal that I haven't been in a serious relationship before.

32. I don't believe in love at first sight.

33. But I believe in fate and destiny.

34. I firmly believe in what I stand for, so I will not hesitate even if I have to stand alone.

35. I used to be easily influenced, but not now. Rather, I think I influence people LOL

36. I am actually quite insecure about myself even if I don't seem like it.

37. If you know me you'd know that I'm a loyal Etude House fan :)

38. I believe that spending on skincare is more important than buying make-up itself.

39. The closest things I like next to music is fashion and make-up.

40. If I decide to dress up, I would go all out. Make-up included.

41. Even though I like dressing up, 90% of the time, I'll feel tired and lose the mood to dress up HAHA.

42. I'm not happiest at this moment, but I know that I am contented.

43. My favourite season is autumn. Prolly also because I was born around autumn. Haha. I have never experienced autumn, but I can imagine. Unlike spring, autumn is slightly colder. There's this air of melancholy in autumn that I like.

44. A senior once described me as spring. But I guess, somewhere along the way I became less cheerful and lost some "brightness".

45. I can deal with being alone but I hate dealing with loneliness. It's hard to describe but being alone and feeling lonely is 2 different things.

I guess I stop here.
Thanks for bothering to read until the end! :) Till next time~

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